Release of June 23th, 2021 (Ver. 1.1.0)
This is a Version 1.1.0
  • Add tutorial
  • Search result page
Add Tutorial
Chronicle can greatly reduce the time spent searching and reading papers by contextualizing the papers collected by other users and how they interpreted them.
In order to help users make the most of Chronicle, the core feature of Onikle, we have added a tutorial. In the tutorial, we explain how to make a Chronicle in a flow, and show the completed form of the Chronicle.
Search result page
The UI/UX of the search results page was not great: User couldn't figure out how to switch the Author search, the article card was useless, and the sidebar displaying abstracts was difficult to use. All of them have been replaced by a better UI/UX.
Major change
  • Transform side-bar into a bottom-bar
  • optimize paper card
  • show Chronicle related to search words
  • rearrange sort and filter buttons